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Exchanging G-O-D for G-O-P with the Flick of a Mouse!

Stan Moody:

It has been a subject of debate for some time as to whether the Christian Right in America was using the GOP to advance its own theocratic agenda, or whether the GOP was using the Christian Right for its toehold on power.

I suppose the question is a moot one, as politics and prostitution share in common a mutual satisfaction of differing desires with little concern for the integrity of the participating parties.  For the GOP, having long ago abandoned its core principles (fiscal responsibility and self-determination), the god of pop Christianity fits well into its agenda.  For the Christian Right, why exercise patience, perseverance, and faith when, with a flick of the mouse, you can exchange GOD for GOP and have power to force God’s hand?

Two Addictive Systems Joined at the Hip until Jesus Comes:

I wrote some years ago that this unholy alliance would result in the rejection by the GOP of the Christian Right.  I was wrong; such an outcome would demand a certain integrity that has long since left the chamber.  These two addictive systems likely are joined at the hip from now until Jesus comes, which, according to some, is so imminent as to obviate the need for any public policy on such incidental matters as poverty, the environment, and peace.

In a March 16, 2007, Washington Post editorial, author EJ Dionne, Jr held out hope for the beginning of a New Reformation in which Evangelical hegemonies built on the hypocrisy of the “Moral Majority” would begin to self-destruct, bringing things back to sanity.[1] The old guard Moral Majority wanted to divide and conquer; it was Dionne’s hope that a new guard would want to try love of neighbor, of all things.

As it turned out, the Christian Right has proven itself to be more entrenched in the worship of Baal than ever.

Killing Two Gods with One Prayer:

In this unholy merger of politics and faith, two gods have been sacrificed with one prayer - "Even so, Lord Jesus, come now!"

The first god to be sacrificed was Christ, Himself. If you can say "Premillennial Dispensationalism" without your lips leaving your mouth, you may be one who believes that there are but two groups on their way to Heaven – Jews and Christians, Judaism being God's first choice. Under this scenario, the person and work of Jesus in the inauguration of the present, dynamic, triumphant Gospel of the Kingdom of God – the new Israel – fades in prominence.

The second god to be sacrificed is America.  With the merger of the Christian Right and the Republican Party, Armageddon, the final battle between good and evil, becomes politically viable.  America is positioning itself to be a key player in this thrilling adventure that is expected to kill a couple billion or so people. So much for separation of Church and State!

Can't you feel the excitement already?

Tired of Waiting for God and Taking Matters into Our Own Hands:

Where GOD has failed in His efforts to prepare the world for the launching of Christ's return, America is now poised through the GOP to succeed.  To those evangelical scions and politicians whose Bible dictates the nature and timing of international policy, we may be on a 5-year plan for wiping out those pesky liberals out there! I’ve got my bags packed! How about you? 

There are many fine minds being challenged over the legitimacy and timing of all this. There are other, not-so-fine minds, that are consumed with cutting the timing short and winning by rapturing outa here.  

We're in trouble, folks.  God may have stopped being amused by all this.  

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