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Tribute to 1980’s “Christian” America

Stan Moody: circa 1989:

America, America,

God shed His grace on thee!

It’s time to step aside, Dear God,

And leave it up to me!

We’re really not ungrateful, Sir;

You did real fine back then.

But things have changed a lot, you see.

The world’s not what it’s been!

We’ve all gone off to college;

Learned how to read and ponder.

We’ve even read your book, you know.

If you don’t mind, we wonder, Sir,

Why you don’t rewrite that thing –

Bring it up to date.

Your plan just didn’t work for us;

We can’t afford to wait.

Your Church is doing well, though,

You’ll be glad to hear.

The richest folks are deacons;

The temple’s free and clear.

It’s all become big biz today;

The coffers do you proud.

The Jesus group is on the tube

Whipping up the crowd.

You must be proud as punch

When you look down and see

How we’ve turned our fields and streams

Into productivity.

We’ve tamed our natural resources;

We’re quite prepared to fight

When anyone tries to curb

Our growing appetite!

There is a nagging problem, Sir;

We wish you’d concentrate

On wiping out those nations

That thrive on fear and hate.

We’ve done so well ourselves,

We’re quite appalled to see

People all around the globe

Denied their dignity.

Why can’t they be like us, Lord?

Our people we have freed.

That leaves us time for helping you

Stamp out lust and greed!

How can we keep it going, Lord?

They’re shutting off our crude!

(We’ll turn our wheat to ethanol

And whip them with our food!)

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