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Stan Moody

Dr. Stan Moody is the President of the Columbia Street Project (CSP), a ministry of the Columbia Street Baptist Church in Bangor Maine. The mission of CSP is to provide support for those who need help to reach their full potential.


Reentry Christian Fellowship is a ministry of the Columbia Street Project that provides a space for worship and dialogue geared toward a closer walk with Jesus Christ in His kingdom.

Have We Traded the Power of the Gospel for the American Dream? God is calling
His children to live authentic, relevant lives, where the power of the Gospel, the peace, security, wisdom, direction, and joy of a life transformed, become a living witness to those around us. But what happens when we sometimes subtly, even unknowingly, exchange the truth of the Gospel for a pursuit of the American Dream? We like to dress up our desires with Bible verses and Christian sayings, but somewhere along the way, we find ourselves pursuing something other than God’s Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. This book provides a wake-up call to devoted Christ-followers to return to the simplicity of the Good News, the saving, transforming power of God to change a life for eternity. Whether you fall on the political left or right, consider yourself conservative or liberal, focus more on grace or works, this book is written to both encourage and challenge you, to stir your soul and perhaps ruffle your feathers. In the end, this is a message that willpoint you towards spiritual renewal!

Books by Stan Moody


McChurched (2006) 

by Stan Moody

In McChurched, Stan Moody tells us of the “Thousand Points of Light,” a vision that could be bursting from candles of faith flickering from the church for all to see. Moody reflects how little light and how much darkness is being displayed in the influence of this new moralistic wave.

No Turning Back: Journal of an All-American Sinner (1989) 

by Stan Moody

I have a great passion for the confusion and the despondency of the serious believer in our culture.  I am living the effects of a life of attempted reconciliation of the Kingdom of God with the kingdom of man.  I want you to know that there is great hope for your life and for your relationship with God and with His people. . . you will recognize yourself in my experience, and when you do, you will share my hope. – Stan Moody

Let My People Go!: Following Jesus Into Our Jails and Prisons (2013) 

by Stan Moody

Let My People Go is a twelve-step invitation to our American church culture to examine what we are supposed to be doing as Christians, what we are doing, and whether what we are doing is standing in the way of what we are supposed to be doing.

I’ve Met the Enemy (2019) 

by Stan Moody

If you find yourself confused and sometimes even despondent over white evangelical commitment to reconciling the Kingdom of God with the American Dream of prosperity and success, this book is for you. There is great hope for your life through your relationship with God and with His people. You will recognize yourself in my experience, and when you do, you will share my hope.

I Will Walk Again (2006) 

by Stan Moody

Those who suffer from multiple sclerosis know that every day brings new challenges. There may not be a cure, but there is always hope.In a belated tribute to his late wife, Jo-Ann, author Stan Moody pens the touching story of Jo-Ann’s life in I Will Walk Again. Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1972, Jo-Ann succumbed to the disease twenty years later, but not before leaving behind a remarkable story of courage and wit in the face of the great unknown.

Crisis in Evangelical Scholarship (2001) 

by Stan Moody

The study of prophecy has so consumed the evangelical church that critical theological matters have been undermined. Among those is the pivotal theology of the kingdom of God. This book is a return to the foundational teachings of the church.The presence and fulfillment of the Kingdom of God is the focal point of Messianic history that includes the Second Coming of Christ.

This book is not available on Amazon but can be purchased from the author for $10.00.

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