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Silent No More: EvangelicalPastor Speaks Out

Stan Moody:

On Veteran’s Day, Nov. 11, 2018, Rev. Stan Moody, then pastor at Columbia Street Baptist

Church (CSBC) in Bangor, ME, stepped into the pulpit wearing a hoodie with the Jewish Star of

David. One year later, his book, “I’ve Met the Enemy: Journey of an All-American Sinner” fired

a shot across the bow of American Evangelicalism. He followed in 2021 with “Finding Our Way

Home: Reclaiming the Kingdom in Post-Evangelical America”.

I wore the Star of David in reaction to the massacre at the Tree of Life Synagogue

in Pittsburgh and to make two statements,” he says. “The first is to affirm deep

Christian roots planted in historic Israel. The second is to condemn the

nationalism practiced and preached by all too many evangelical Christians in


I cannot remain silent while prominent evangelical leaders are manipulating the

political system in opposition to the Gospel.

Moody, now Pastor Emeritus at CSBC and founder of Columbia Street Project, a resource center

in Bangor for outreach mission, has a long history of fighting against what he refers to as “cheap

grace.” After serving two terms in the Maine State House of Representatives, one in each party,

in 2006 he published, “McChurched: 300 Million Served and Still Hungry”, stating,

We who claim citizenship in the Kingdom of God through a divine act of

unconditional love have become divided racially, economically, doctrinally,

denominationally, and spiritually. I call on the faith community to dare trust the

God in whom it professes to believe. That demands of us that we crawl out of our

comfort zones and into the business of sacrificial service.

Moody is open about his own weak faith and putting too much trust in the American Dream of

prosperity and success. Here is an excerpt from “Finding Our Way Home”:

It is not the evangelical movement that will preserve gospel truth in America. It is

the prayers and lifestyles of broken, humbled, no-account followers of Jesus who

hold in their hearts the destiny of the Kingdom of God over all national


What goes on in America that is held up with the pride of rightness is by the

permissive will of God and nothing else. Those who in their feeble humanity

would take credit for its success or blame others for its failure - such as is the

dominant focus of the two major political parties - are fools at best, and we are

fools to place our hope in them.

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