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Thoughts and Prayers? Or Just Hot Air?

Buddy Spaulding:

The death of Robert Card has solved nothing. Mr. Card was a troubled individual. The problem is not totally a problem of individual hearts.

Individual hearts are formed in systems, nurtured in systems, and usually urged to work for the preservation of that system.

I often hear that the church is not an organization (a type of system). Balderdash. Stop saying that. The church has all the characteristics of an organization. One of those characteristics is resistance to change. Another is self-preservation.

Resistance to change and self-preservation are not fruits of the Spirit, nor are they Kingdom values.

Until we as an organization are willing to reconsider and work for positive change in the *multiple* ways our systems helped to shape Mr. Card, our thoughts and prayers are a mere cliche.

Repeat. Without a willingness to change our minds, or at least consider in good faith we might have it wrong........our prayers are hot air.

My suspicion is that most of us need to re-think the relationship between our Kingdom citizenship and our American, and that is not going to be easy. You will be opposed.

It is very hard to be brave, and your neighbor might secretly agree that we can't possibly be doing this right, but does not have the ability to come out and say it.

Be brave for your neighbor.

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1 Comment

Scott Knowles
Scott Knowles
Nov 08, 2023

Judging by the silence in the comment box and yet three hearts coupled with 95 views I think your point makes itself.

I don't imagine its easy for anyone to say words that feel like a defense for a murderer when so many are grieving.

I for one agree that this person, this child of God, wasnt properly cared for and ultimately a lot of people ended up dead.

I can’t take it to a place of directing blame to the church though that seems extreme.

It is a systems failure for sure but the care of mental health switched from the church to the state a long time ago.

Unless I misunderstood your point.…

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